Dillon King and Amy Duggar are engaged

Recently, you may have heard that Amy Duggar is engaged to Dillon King. However, nobody knew this was the truth. Now, we know. It is the truth. These two lovers will have a wedding. This young star finally announced that she will marry her boyfriend. You already know that this gossip began in January. As usual, she did this via Instagram. This is the latest and the most popular way to announce something, even an important news as a wedding.

Amy Duggar said that she is very happy and she is engaged. In addition, she said that Dillon is loyal, patient, he loves her and he is her best friend. So, she had to say yes. Duggar stands out of the Arkansas reality TV crown because she doesn’t want to follow rules of the Duggar family. 

Recently, Amy Duggar posted a photo of her kissing King. Now you know that she accepts pre-marital kissing. In January, Amy wrote on her Facebook profile that just because she is a Duggar, it doesn’t mean that her life is perfect. 

Meanwhile, Dillon King added his own photo on the Instagram and wrote a message. He said that he didn’t propose Amy just because he loves her right now. He got down on one knee and propose her because she will be the only woman in his life forever. 

We can only say, congratulations. There are no more details about this wedding, but we expect to see some news soon. Same as always, the first announcements and news will be available on Facebook or Instagram. If you still don’t follow Amy Duggar and Dillon King, you should start. 

Posted by Sam Ellis 7/15/15


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