Miley Cyrus Spotted Kissing With Stella Maxwell At A Car Park

On  30th June in  Los  Angeles, Miley  Cyrus  was  seen  getting  hot  and  having  heavy  kissing  on Victoria’s  secret  model  Stella  Maxwell  on  the  set  of  a  music  video. 
The   twenty-two  year  old  singer  who  recently  came  out  as  a  bisexual was  spotted  passionately  kissing  with  her  rumored   24 years  old girlfriend  Stella  Maxwell  during  a  video  shooting break   inside  a  car  park in  Hollywood.

According  to  the Mail Online, both  ladies  were  aware  that  they  were  being  photographed  as  for  they  were  looking  directly  at  the  camera  before  they  both  started  dancing  around  the  car  park  together.

Recently  the  singer  had  opened  up about  her  sexuality  and  said  that  she dates  both  men  and  women.  Miley threw her  hand around  Stella  while  Stella  cupped  the  wrecking  ball  Hitmakers  bottom  with  her  hands. 

Stella  who   during  the  scene  was  in  cropped  denim  jacket  and  a black  catsuit, held  Miley  by  her  waist  with  her  other  hand and  were  both  seen  whispering  to  each  other  some  words.

The  Wrecking  Ball  hitmaker  had  ended  her  five  months  romance  with   Patrick Schwarzenegger  who  is  a  son to  Arnold  Schwarzenegger   in  April  15th.   After  that  she  was  engaged  with  Liam Hemsworth  before  she  opened  her  experience  of  dating  both  sex.

Speaking  of  her  sexuality  she  told  the  magazine, “ There  are  times in  my  life where  I’ve  had  boyfriends  or  girlfriends.  And  there  are  times  I  love  being  myself   and  don’t  want  to  give  my  part  to  someone  else…..I  think  that’s  new  freedom  for  women  especially.”

Posted by Amy Jones 7/20/15


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